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I love shopping as much as you do! So what's Luk Chup?

The Luk Chup is a type of Thai dessert made of mung beans. The shape of Luk Chup is molded into fruit or vegetable shapes such as mango and orange, etc. with colours that match the colour of the foods they represent. It is petite in appearance and looks very cute. I fell in love with this dessert when I first tried it. Luk Chup is not expensive and you can easily get it from Golden Mile in Singapore or in Thailand. 

The products we curated here at The Luk Chup are mostly products we loved or currently using and are mostly affordable. You will no longer need to experience poor product quality as all item(s) will be carefully checked before despatch. Now you can have an enjoyable shopping experience of only good quality products at affordable prices.


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Stay Safe Luk Chup-PINE-01.jpg

I love the unique mask chains, super convenient to use & I won’t drop my mask anymore. It’s like an accessories which goes well with any outfits & the quality is durable too! I need to get more designs, all of them are soooo pretty.


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